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The hearing products and services provided by Argus Hearing Center are available from two convenient regional New Brunswick office locations in Moncton, and the Miramichi.

For the most effective delivery of the auditory service that you require from the list below, please contact our nearest office location for an appointment for a hearing assessment with an Argus audiologist.

Please contact us by email, or call today for an appointment time that is convenient to you.

Argus Hearing Tests & Services

Argus Hearing Center Services include the following full auditory product and technical services including:

  • Audiology Services; personal consultation on your current medical hearing condition and professional guidance from an Argus audiologist;
  • Latest In Hearing Aid Technology: Argus Moncton and Miramichi Hearing locations offer the latest in digital hearing product technology;
  • Hearing Aid Products: On-site technician service & hearing aid repairs;
  • Hearing Aid Products: Fresh batteries at competitive prices for leading hearing aid brand manufacturers;
  • Assistive Listening Devices (Phone, TV, etc.): Personal hearing accessories and convenience products;
  • Athletic Swim Plugs: Wide selection of styles and colors to choose from;
  • Noise Reduction Plugs: Designed for loud noise and industrial equipment usage, including loud music and sound environments; and,
  • Business and Industrial Hearing Screening Services: Offering preventive assessments and consultation on sound reduction strategies for work locations and employee protection procedures.

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