Myths About Hearing Loss

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Because hearing loss is a widely misunderstood concept, there are quite a few myths regarding the subject. These types of myths can often lead to problems, so it’s important to learn the truth behind these common misconceptions.

Many people assume that shouting makes it easier for people with hearing loss to understand a conversation. But actually, shouting makes it harder for someone to read your lips and understand you. And although it’s a popular idea that all people with hearing loss can read lips, this is not true in any way. The skill and practice required in order to read lips properly makes it so that not all people with hearing loss are capable of it.

Another common misconception is that most people with hearing loss are the elderly. While this age group is the most likely to have a visible form of hearing loss, such as a hearing aid, 65 percent of those with hearing loss are actually younger than 65.

The most damaging assumption that people often make is that insurance will cover the cost of necessary treatments such as hearing aids or cochlear implants. Although unfortunate, many insurance plans do not cover any services related to hearing loss.

Much of the reason why people don’t bother becoming educated in hearing loss is because they do not see it as a threat. It’s a common assumption that a primary care doctor will be able to catch any signs of hearing loss before their patients ever need to worry about it. This myth, combined with the fact that many people think that slight difficulties with hearing is normal, leads to people not getting their hearing tested as often as it should be. The longer that you put off seeking treatment for your hearing loss because you believe that it’s not a real issue, the harder it is to treat.

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