Hearing Loss while in the Digital Age

In a time when technology is becoming prominent in nearly every person’s life, we need to be aware of what aspects of technology need to be monitored. Although most parents are used to monitoring their children’s use of technology, simply keeping track of how much time your children spend using technology and which websites they visit isn’t enough to keep them safe, especially concerning serious issues such as hearing loss.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association recently released a survey showing that both teens and their parents spend around five hours each day using various technology. This amount of time on its own isn’t particularly alarming, but the real concern lies in what they do with their technology when they’re using it. As the survey suggests, listening to loud music and other sounds on technology can greatly increase the chances of hearing loss.

For children, the risk of hearing loss induced by loud technology is higher than it is for adults, but can be reduced through simple monitoring. It is highly suggested that the listening volume of a device not surpass 50 percent in order to lessen the impact of the noise. This limit can be useful for adults as well as children, and can be easily maintained through adjusting a volume constraint that is available in some devices.

You can also monitor how much digital noise is affecting you or your children on a daily basis by promoting listening to media out loud rather than through headphones. Instead of listening to devices directly, you can play music or listen to other sounds without the use of headphones to lessen the impact of the noise.

Some signs of hearing loss include difficulty understanding conversations with multiple people, hearing a buzzing sound, needing people to repeat themselves, or listening to media louder than what is normally expected. Even with precautions, hearing loss can be inevitable. If you or someone close to you suspects that they suffer from hearing loss, it is highly recommended that you seek out help from a specialist.


Source: 10tv.com

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