Which Hearing Aids are Right for Me?

Searching for and buying hearing aids can seem like a daunting task. You may have questions about where to find them, what brand and type to get, how much they should cost, and etc. This is understandable- there’s a lot of information out there on the subject. But here are some of the basics as to what to look for when buying hearing aids.


Before looking into the actual hearing aids themselves, you’ll want to find a good audiologist to work with you. You should be comfortable enough with an audiologist to discuss your symptoms and questions, while also getting practical information from them about what hearing aids to buy. They will ultimately sell and fit these devices to your needs, so you want someone who will treat you with respect and provide all the answers you’re looking for.


Figuring out what type of hearing aid you want is next.  You want to plan for what you will be exposed to and your surroundings, not how bad your hearing is. The noisier and more demanding an environment, the more higher-end hearing aids you’ll want. You’ll want ones that will do a good job of filtering out multiple layers of sound and background noise. You may not think your hearing is “bad enough” for the more complex aids, but depending on your situation, they may be just what you’re looking for. As for the specific brand of hearing aids, this is not as easy to plan for- you may want to leave it up to what your audiologist is the most familiar with and recommends. Different brands are good for different things, and your specific hearing problems should be considered when buying hearing aids.


Finally, be sure to try on and fit multiple earmolds before deciding on one. You can go for a behind-the-ear model, or an in-the-ear model, but there are pros and cons of both. You can also get them custom made and fitted just to your ear canal. Try on as many as you can, get fitted, and do some research before finally settling on the pair that will be the most comfortable. Hearing aids, when carefully chosen, should be able to improve your hearing and your happiness.

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