Taking Care of Your Hearing

Hearing loss is a very real problem in today’s world. One in four adults over 55 have hearing loss in our society, and the chances increase to one in three by the time you’re 65. A lot of instances of hearing damage are caused by aging, but they can also be caused by other significant factors:

  • Earwax buildup
  • Related illnesses
  • Excessive noise exposure

The third cause of hearing loss- being exposed to a lot of loud noise over time- poses a much higher risk for the younger generations of today. As young people attend rock concerts, noisy sports venues, and listen to personal devices, they increase their chances of having hearing damage when they are older. To prevent this from happening, it’s importance to have healthy hearing throughout your life. And if you already have some type of hearing loss, it’s necessary to keep your current hearing abilities as sharp as possible so they don’t decline any further. There are many ways to maintain healthy hearing, but here are some basic ones.

  1. Know your noise levels
    Understanding the decibels of certain noises can tell you how much noise you’re being exposed to. Know what noise levels can damage your hearing, and at what point you should use ear protection. Typically, 80-85 decibels and above can be dangerous to your hearing.
  2. Use ear protection
    Wearing earplugs at loud concerts and venues may seem insignificant, but they can
    protect your hearing for years down the line. Noise-cancelling headphones also help to lower the damage to your ears when listening to music.
  3. Turn it down a little
    It may be tempting to listen to music on full blast, but try to lower the volume to a setting that won’t affect your hearing in the long run, especially when listening to a personal device in close range.
  4. Check-up on your hearing
    Getting regular hearing tests and check-ups will insure that your hearing is as healthy as possible. If you think you have any symptoms of hearing loss, see a specialist immediately. You may need to get hearing aids, which can protect your hearing from any more damage.

If you follow these basic rules and try your best to maintain healthy hearing at all times, then you can look forward to a happy life with little to no major hearing problems. If you already have some hearing damage, be sure to have regular check-ups and purchase hearing aids if needed, so that you can keep your current hearing ability without any further damage.

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